ACTRESS : 葵百合香

DESCRIPTION : 旦那が中折れするようになって早3年。旦那とのセックスではイくこともできず、オナニーで慰める日々。しかし、熟れた体は我慢の限界だった。旦那がいないある日、隣に住む大学生を家に連れ込んでしまう。3年ぶりの濃厚セックスと絶倫チンポに我を忘れ24時間ハメまくる!潮吹き、パイズリ挟射、大量中出し!It’s been 3 years since my husband started to break my heart. I can’t even come in sex with my husband, and I comfort myself with masturbation every day. However, the ripe body was the limit of endurance. One day when her husband is not around, she brings a college student who lives next door into her house, and forgets herself and fucks him around the clock for the first time in three years. She squirts, shoots between her legs, and gets fucked in the middle!

サンプル動画 : FREE MOVIE


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