DESCRIPTION : 彩は夫と息子と穏やかに暮らしていたが、旦那とのセックスレスだけが不満だった。彩の家に息子の友達ユウキが遊びにやって来た。自室にてエロDVDを見て盛り上がるユウキは途中トイレに行く。ドアを閉め忘れ彩と鉢合わせになってしまい、若い勃起チ○ポを目撃。以来ユウキのギンギンなアレが忘れられない彩は…?Aya was living a peaceful life with her husband and son、 but the only thing she was dissatisfied with was the lack of sex with her husband. Her son’s friend Yuki came to Aya’s house to play. Yuki gets excited watching an erotic DVD in her room and goes to the bathroom on the way. He forgets to close the door and ends up meeting Aya、 who witnesses his young erection. Since then、 Aya can’t forget Yuki’s erect cock…?

サンプル動画 : FREE MOVIE


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