DESCRIPTION : 父の事業が芳しくないという理由で300万を借りに来た3人の家族。息子が女装しAVに出演することを条件に融資することになった。だが、借金の本当の理由は父はギャンブル、母はホスト狂いであった。そんなこととは知らずに両親の為に人生初のアナルSEXに挑む親孝行息子の姿をどうぞご覧下さい。Mother、 father、 and son come to borrow three 3 million yen because the father’s business is not doing well. The loan was made on the condition that the son would go in drag and appear in an AV. However、 the real reason for the debt was that his father was a gambler and his mother was addicted to the host clubs. Pleas take a look at this piteous son who takes on the challenge to have anal sex for the first time in his life without knowing exactly why he is doing so.

サンプル動画 : FREE MOVIE


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