ACTRESS : 夏川あゆみ

DESCRIPTION : いつも透け透けのパンツとデカ尻を見せつけてくる隣に住む奥さん「あゆみ」に僕は理性崩壊寸前だった…。しかし、童貞で彼女がいたことさえない僕は何も出来るわけもなく…。そんなある日、あゆみさんの相談に乗ることになったが、セックスレスで我慢は限界だったようで…。童貞を奪われその日から始まる連日の中出しセックスに僕は…。I was on the verge of a rational breakdown when I saw Ayumi, the wife who lives next door, always showing off her transparent underwear and huge ass…. However, I was a virgin and had never even had a girlfriend, so there was nothing I could do…. One day, I decided to consult with Ayumi, but it seemed that she had reached the end of her patience due to lack of sex…. She lost her virginity, and from that day onwards, I had to have sex with her every day…

サンプル動画 : FREE MOVIE


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