ACTRESS : 加藤ロゼ

DESCRIPTION : マンションに住む人妻「ロゼ」。同じマンションに住む変態男はスタイルもよく、服の上からでもわかる爆乳を見てどうしてもヤリたいと考えていた。少しだけだがご近所付き合いもあり、海外のへんなものを使ってみたところ…豹変!!ムラムラ全開になった人妻に好きと告白され…。性欲全開のハーフ妻に誘惑され…狂ったように汗だく中出し性交!Rosé” is a married woman who lives in an apartment building. A perverted man who lives in the same apartment building has a good style, and he really wanted to fuck her when he saw her big tits, which he could see even on her clothes. After a little but neighborly try using some foreign weirdness…he changed! A horny married woman in full throttle confesses her love for him… Seduced by a half-wife with a full-blown sexual appetite… crazy, sweaty, Nakadashi intercourse!

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