DESCRIPTION : パンチラ程度では物足りない!美少女のもろパンをじっくり堪能できるシリーズ。 今回はとっても濡れやすいスレンダー美脚の紗希ちゃん。インスタグラムのフォロワー数が増えずに悩んでいる彼女に、フォロワーが一瞬で注目してしまうようなインパクトのあるポーズ動画を教えていく。 しかしあまりにも露骨なもろパン撮影に困惑しながらも、撮られる事に興奮してしまいパンティを濡らしていく。A little more than just a glimpse of the panties isn’t enough! This series allows viewers to take their time and enjoy the panties of a beautiful young lady. This time we have Saki, a slender girl with beautiful legs who gets wet very easily. She is having trouble getting more followers on Instagram, so we teach her how to make impactful pose and make videos that will get instant attention. However, she is a little shy at first, but she gets excited about being filmed and gets her panties wet.

サンプル動画 : FREE MOVIE


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